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Sealing Oil

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This Gorgeously Beautiful Sealing Oil is a light-weight oil that helps seal in moisture while adding a layer of protection to the hair. This sealing oil provides a non-greasy feel for smooth application over hair strands. With a combination of oils such as Grapeseed Oil for protection against the sun's damaging UV rays and Black Jamaican Castor Oil which contain sealing properties to seal the outer layer of each hair strand, your ensured lasting moisture while taming frizz and adding shine to your hair.



-Keeps hair moisturized 2x longer by sealing in moisture

-Keeps hair smooth by preventing frizz

-Prevents dandruff by regulating oil production


After applying a leave in conditioner or butter, spray the Sealing Oil to each section of the hair. Next, style as desired.



Black Jamaican Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Jojoba oil


SIZE: 6 oz/177 mL



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