2 women with braids

How To: Moisturize Natural Hair in Braids

One of the best feelings is getting your natural hair freshly braided in a protective style whether it’s individuals, corn rows or even faux locs. While enjoying your new hair style it can sometimes cause you to neglect moisturizing your natural hair leading to breakage when removing your protective style. These tips will teach you how to keep your hai moisturized in braids and stop breakage.

First Step: Moisturize your braids using the right products for your protective styles. Using a Leave in Conditioner and a Butter that has water as the first ingredient is key to keeping hydration in your hair. Gorgeously Beautiful’s Curl Defining Moisturizer is light weight and offers moisture without weighing down your braids. Gorgeously Beautiful’s Moisturizing Butter moisturizes while protecting your braids from dryness. Add an Oil that has sealing properties to ensure moisture is sealed into your braids. Gorgeously Beautiful Sealing Oil incorporates three different sealing oils to guarantee moisture retention in protective styles. 

Second Step: The way you keep you braids moisturized is by using the right products in the right order.  Two common methods are the  L.O.C Method or L.C.O Method. L.O.C is using a moisturizer first, oil second, and a butter last. L.C.O Method is using a moisturizer first butter next, and lastly an oil.


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